We supply a wide variety of castings, ranging from large sand castings to small lost wax castings, from just a few grams up to 150 tonnes, from cast iron to super-duplex and from several pieces to serial production.

Prins Castings & Forgings is thoroughly known with the market and knows how to best respond to any specific requests. We always find the right solution for you.

Lost Wax Castings

SSLW (Sodium Silicate Lost Wax) & CLW (Ceramic Lost Wax) are casting techniques that are both highly suitable for manufacturing smaller castings using almost any type of material up to a maximum weight of app. 80 kg. Due to the highly precise dimensions and tolerances, the product requires minimum finishing. These casting techniques can be used to produce more complex designs.

Sand Castings

Sand casting is well-suited for larger and heavier castings made of cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel, as well as non-ferrous alloys.

High pressure die Castings

This casting method suitable for manufacturing large series, for example parts for the automotive industry such as cylinder blocks and valve covers. The products are thin-walled with more complex shapes and a smooth surface quality, as a result of which they require little or no finishing.

Gravity die Castings

Gravity die casting is used for steel, alloyed steel and non-ferrous metals. Products weighing up to 125 kg can be produced with this method. This technique is primarily used for simpler products produced in medium-sized to large series. A smooth surface is produced with a high degree of dimensional precision, which means less machining is required.

Shell moulding

This technique produces items with a high degree of ‘as cast’ applicability. The benefits include precise tolerances and products that are close into their definitive shape as a result of which they require little or no machining. This casting method can be used with many types of materials.