Added value for you!

Under the name ‘Added Value’, we offer you a diverse range of concepts, possibilities and solutions. In the areas of logistics, stock keeping, machining, assemblies, coatings, etc.

In the Netherlands, as well as in China and India, we have our own Logistical and Test Centre that enables us to provide our customers with total solutions.

Engineering & Design

Even when everything is not yet completely and clearly defined, Prins can assist you. Through means of Thinking in Castings & Forgings, our Engineering & Design department is capable of developing a casting or a forging from a constructed part, whereby the design is always based on functionality. We also can take care of the required casting or forging drawings.

Quality Control & Assurance

Prins inspects the quality of the various castings and forgings in-house and maintains a diversity of test equipment in its laboratories for this purpose. Our Quality Inspectors are visiting the production plants on a regular basis, both prior to and during the production process.


We create an optimal logistic chain for our customers. We offer various total solutions, for example, JIT delivery, stock management, EDI, barcodes, etc. You can hand everything over to Prins with confidence. Assembling sets is another option. Ask one of our Account Managers about all possibilities.

Logistics and Test Centre

Prins has an LTC in the Netherlands, as well as in China and India, where the quality control takes place. We are also able to keep stock for our customers.